Wet and Puffy Model Lolipop


Wet and Puffy Model Lolipop Wet and Puffy Model Lolipop Wet and Puffy Model Lolipop

Nationality: Czech Republic

Birthday: 18

Hair color: Black

Breast size: A

Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs

Height: 160 cm / 5' 3"

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Highway HD SD Lolipop What are two hotties to do when they get a flat on the side of the road? Seduce a stranger so that he helps them out! Watch as Lolipop and her blonde tattooed friend find themselves in this exact predicament. Seeing the buff stranger in his tank top got these horny girls in the mood for a little threesome action. Lolipop loves to suck cock and she especially loves to share a hard one with a willing girlfriend. She loves the thrill of working a shaft with her tongue as her sexy girlfriend sucks on the balls for added pleasure. This roadside threesome is a must see scene for any Lolipop fan. We feature many close-ups of Lolipop as his stiff cock enters and exits her mouth. Later in the scene, you can see Lolipop getting fucked from behind as she makes out with her sexy friend before she runs her pierced tongue all over Lolipops hard nipples.
Lolipop HD SD Lolipop So aptly named, Lolipop is one who’s keen on sucking a boner like it’s a sweet candy. Beneath her sweet looks is her appetite for sexual fun. Lolipop would never hesitate to kneel down on bathroom floors to give one thorough blowjob to her partner; sucking and teasing his tender head with her tongue while giving him seductive glances. And, she wants more. She pants and moans with pleasure as her fuck buddy suckles on her perky nipples while plunging his expert fingers in and out of her slick pussy at the same time. Even just seeing Lolipop’s deliciously wet pussy and watching her perform is enough to make any man shoot off his load; her hot, wet mouth pure heaven to his cock. This insatiable young temptress likes her meat stick large and rigid; perfect treat for her sweet mouth.

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Pee Ocean - Wetandpissy Lollypop A lot has changed since we featured Lollypop two years earlier. She's developed into a very attractive young woman, leaving her younger looks for a fuller and more physically fit body. Her sexier appearance isn't the only thing that has changed for the better - she's also more daring and outgoing. She chooses one of our favorite poses, pulling her legs towards her body and her feet up to pee. She spurts and sprays, launching her stream up into the air, well above her feet and past her head. It only takes a little more than twenty seconds for Lollypop to leave us unable to blink, drenching the right half of her body. There's another great moment where she dips her crotch into a champagne glass, pulling out right before filling it up. Before letting her go, we get a good look at her beautiful eyes and she gestures a kiss at us.
Aug 21, 2014
Fun With Lolly - Wetandpuffy Lollypop We are so glad Lollypop has made another appearance on Wet and Puffy and this time she is a complete vixen! Lifting up her skimpy dress, Lollypop opens up her panties to tease her pussy lips and makes it bulge between the straps before fingering her moist snatch. She inserts a speculum into her deep hole and stretches herself really wide. Using a long sex toy, she toys her ass while rubbing her pussy and really gets herself turned on. Moving the toy from ass to pussy and back again, Lollypop uses a Magic Wand vibrator on her sensitive labia and enjoys every minute of it!
Aug 11, 2014
Lolipop - Wetandpissy Lollypop Lolipop is the type of girl who can wear the sexiest of clothes to turn your eye, but that is just the start of the fun because you will be even more excited to see her take it off. The way she slowly slides down the shoulder strap of her bra will drip you damn near crazy with lust. To look into her eyes is to also be hypnotized and this slutty girl will already have you seduced when she shows you her suckable nipples. They are so very perfect that you almost need not see anything more before you are ready to cum inside your own pants. But she will really have you hooked when you get a look at her pissy wet cunt. Watch her spill fresh pee onto the floor if you really want to get yourself going.
Jul 27, 2012
Lollypop - Wetandpuffy Lollypop Lollypop is looking super sexy in this video, starting off with a slow strip and tease. Her pink nipples are so puffy you can almost taste them in your mouth just by watching. She's getting warmed up by rubbing on her juicy cherry before applying the pussy pump. She takes out the red dildo next and gives her cherry a workout.
Jun 28, 2012


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