Wet and Puffy Model Tammy


Wet and Puffy Model Tammy Wet and Puffy Model Tammy Wet and Puffy Model Tammy

Nationality: Czech Republic

Birthday: 20

Hair color: Blonde

Breast size: D

Weight: 59 kg / 130 lbs

Height: 163 cm / 5' 5"

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Tammy HD SD Tammy You won’t think of her as Tammy the tease after spending a few private minutes in her company. Because even though she's not a little girl anymore, she still has plenty of toys. But the types that only big girls like to play with and shove inside their tight holes. 20 year-old Tammy has a juicy pair of pussy lips that beg to be touched—and sometimes tasted. And to return the favor, she is sure to make even you moan the way she strokes your cock and slaps it against her tongue. She’s just waiting for you to stroke the cum out of your own cock and squirt out a warm, salty load onto her tongue as it drips to her tits and she rubs it into her soft, fair skins. Now see this woman in action.

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Tammy and Ariana - Wetandpuffy Tammy Tammy and Ariana are a match made in heaven. This pair of Czech girls love their puffy peach pussies so much that they've wanted to see just what it felt like, leaning in close and licking up that soft and succulent treat. Neither one manages to get their panties off before the pussy licking begins in earnest and these girls go wild with pleasure, pulling their legs up and out of the way so the peach licking can continue on and on, harder and harder.
Sep 14, 2010
Tammy and Paola - Wetandpuffy Tammy Lovely ladies aren't all lesbians, but like Tammy and Paola most enjoy helping their friends get off once in a while when there aren't any men around. Tammy pops a toy in Paola's Big Taco and both sweethearts take the time to get their girlfriend's panties soaking wet with vagina juice. They'll be smiling the whole time as they do laundry together to clean up the slippery mess they have made!
Apr 28, 2010
Tammy - Wetandpuffy Tammy Blonde Tammy pulls her lacy underwear past her outer labia and deep into her vulva forming the perfect cameltoe , as you watch she pulls them out very slowly back past her bulging lips. Tammy plays with her pussy and gets it nice wet and bulging before she introduced her red love beads past her tasty Peach and deep inside her wet love mound.
Mar 24, 2010


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