Wet and Puffy Model Zena Little

Zena Little

Wet and Puffy Model Zena Little Wet and Puffy Model Zena Little Wet and Puffy Model Zena Little

Also know as: Xenia

Nationality: Czech Republic

Birthday: 20

Hair color: Brunette

Breast size: B

Weight: 52 kg / 114 lbs

Height: 167 cm / 5' 6"

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Zena In Black 4K HD SD Zena Little Zena Little makes her eagerly awaited return to We Like to Suck today and looks seductive in her black lingerie and lace topped stockings. She teases our guy as she bends over and takes off her panties before gaping her pussy wide apart and then gets onto her knees so that she can start to work his cock! She licks his crotch through his pants then takes out his cock to begin her blowjob. She sucks on his balls and works his shaft hard before climbing on top of him and getting her pussy filled with dick. Zena is amazing at blowjobs, even if she looks too innocent to be that good! Naughty babe Zena takes our guys cock from her pussy to mouth and carries on with her oral sex treats. She lays down on the rug to get more hardcore fucking and alternates between filling her mouth and her pussy. After she is fucked doggystyle, Zena gets onto her knees one last time and takes a cumshot in her mouth and over her pretty face! This is one hot girl who loves the taste of cum and shows this by playing with the sticky white goo with her fingers and mouth!
Zena Shot HD SD Zena Little Zena Little looks delicious on the sofa in her pink basque and begins to tease immediately. She exposes her tits and plays with her nipples and as soon as her stunt cock arrives she can't wait to get his dick in her mouth! She teases his tip with her tongue stud and lets him finger her tight asshole. Zena alternates between sucking cock and letting him fuck her pretty little pussy until he shoots his load all over her face.

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Zena Little - Wetandpuffy Zena Little Zena Little returns to Wet and Puffy after her last appearance in 2015. We just can't get enough of her long legs and long brunette locks and in this scene she is in the lounge wearing panties and a simple top. She pulls off her top after briefly teasing us and reveals her small but perfect tits. Moving her hands down to her crotch, stunning Zena pulls her pussy lips around her panties, wrapping them tightly and then she starts to pull her panties down. Standing upright, her pussy lips dangle down and look very inviting! She stretches her lips apart as she bends over and then notices some pussy clips and a sex toy attached to a table. She gets the pussy clips and attaches them to either side of her labia, then using the little red toy which is chained to her pussy clips, Zena slides it into her tight little ass. Afterwards she teases her pussy with the same red sex toy and then tastes all of her juices. Zena is really in the mood to tease her pussy even more for us so she enjoys using a blue rampant rabbit style vibrator on her pussy. The clit stimulation is just what she was looking for and Zena soon makes herself orgasm once more for Wet and Puffy!
May 1, 2017
Tracy & Zena - Simplyanal Zena Little We are in for a treat today on Simply Anal as we feature two stunning European babes, Tracy and Zena. Both girls are wearing red bodystockings and immediately start teasing each other on the bed. Tracy bends over as Zena runs her hands over her firm ass before kissing it and rimming her hole with her pierced tongue! Soon she fingers Tracy's tight ass and once both girls are naked, Zena gets her turn in ass fingering fun. Using a black inflatable sex toy, Zena inserts it into Tracy's ass then makes her suck her ass juices from the toy. Without wanting to feel left out, Zena enjoys the black toy too before these horny girls move onto something a bit bigger! Green and red sex toys are used to penetrate both girls asses and to help them get off, they use a magic wand on their pussy at the same time as anal toy play!
Sep 8, 2016
Little Zena - Wetandpuffy Zena Little Zena is back on Wet and Puffy with her gorgeous looks and long brunette hair. She looks absolutely amazing and reveals her skimpy lingerie before she strips naked. Pulling her pussy lips apart to start, Zena soon gets to work on a pussy pump which shows off her trimmed pussy perfectly. Using a sex toy, she bends over and inserts it into her eager hole. She takes her time to really enjoy her solo play and once she has finished, licks her toy clean!
Dec 4, 2015
Xenia at Home - Wetandpissy Zena Little We hope you enjoy this compilation of pissing scenes from Xenia...Xenia is at home reading a book when she feels in the mood for something a little kinkier. She spreads her legs and pisses through the crotch of her pink shorts, soaking them with her warm nectar. Making a huge puddle of piss on the floor, Xenia looks very satisfied with herself! She takes off her shorts and wrings them out over her tank top, using them to soak up even more piss off the floor. Her tank top goes see-through and shows off her sexy pee soaked nipples while she rubs herself all over. Other clips include Xenia pissing in her kitchen sink and in a glass, pouring the golden goodness over herself!
Nov 5, 2013
Zena Pumped - Wetandpuffy Zena Little Zena Little looked good in her tight blue dress. She stood there for a moment before slowly stripping it off, first showing her lovely tits and then her panty clad ass. She sat back on top of the bookshelf and spread her legs before finally taking off her panties. From there she didn’t waste any time fitting the pussy pump in place and pumping up her swelling lips. And just when they were as puffy as they were going to get she inserted a vibrator into her twat and then pumped up her pussy lips some more! The sensation was so overwhelming she dropped the pussy pump and fucked her hole until she had one big orgasm!
Sep 1, 2013
Not Little Anal - Wetandpuffy Zena Little Zena Little walks into the room wearing sheer black lingerie and shuts the door behind her. Then she sits on top of the dresser looking right at me and strips off her sexy outfit finishing with her thong but leaving her black heels on. She is so hot and she knows it, as she lifts one leg onto the dresser and spreads her pussy so I can see her delicious lips and clit. Grabbing a pocket pump she puts it around her twat and starts to pump up her pussy lips until they are beautifully puffy and then she kicks off her heels, grabs her favorite purple dildo and sticks it up her ass! It’s almost too much to just sit and watch, but there’s just something about seeing that large fake cock going in and out of one hole and then the other that keeps me mesmerized!
Apr 30, 2013
Diving Xenia - Wetandpissy Zena Little Diving Xenia made it to the bathroom but she decides to piss in her denim shorts instead. She takes them off and proudly shows them to me before trying to wring out as much of the piss on herself as she can. But of course that isn't enough for Diving Xenia, so she grabs a glass jar and pisses in it. Setting is aside for later, she decides a little more in a glass might just be enough! And now totally naked she plays with her pussy before pissing on last time all over the bathroom floor. She is so proud of her mess, she can’t resist putting her face in the puddle and closing her eyes as she soaks it all up!
Apr 5, 2013


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