Wet and Puffy Model Ritta


Wet and Puffy Model Ritta Wet and Puffy Model Ritta Wet and Puffy Model Ritta

Nationality: Israel

Birthday: 21

Hair color: Black

Breast size: C

Weight: 45 kg / 99 lbs

Height: 168 cm / 5' 7"

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Ritta HD SD Ritta Ritta bows down low as she crawls between your legs, always looking up in anticipation of your oral sex request. Then she sinks the shaft of your dick balls-deep inside her throat, moaning as she sucks dick while clutching your thigh with her hand for support. This girl from Israel knows how to give a great blowjob every time, and she really appreciates you giving her the opportunity to prove it on camera at We Like To Suck!

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Hoovered Ritta - Wetandpuffy Ritta Ritta was excited about her idea to use a vacuum in her shoot. She was impressed with the suction power as she tried picking up some stuff off the rug. She couldn’t wait to get naked and try it out on her pussy! She even stopped for a moment so she could use it on her tits. The suction was great and got her really horny. Ritta’s previous shoots were good, but this one was something special! She used that vacuum wand like it was a part of her.
Jun 3, 2013
Ritta Anal - Wetandpuffy Ritta Ritta is a sexy brunette that can't wait for you to see her big taco. She loves to turn guys on by masturbating for them and she especially loves to see their cock growing in their pants. Ritta loves to be bad and push the envelope, so in this scene you can expect to see her fuck not only her sweet pussy but her tight asshole as well.
Nov 12, 2012


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