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Cum Back to My Place 4K HD SD Naomi Benet Naughty babe Naomi Benet brings a guy back to her place with one thing on her mind. She takes a quick shower to freshen up while still wearing her bikini then after drying in a towel, heads to the bedroom where he is already waiting just in his pants! She teases him by pushing her perfect tits together in her bikini and then bends over to touch his bulging pants with her mouth. He helps her to take off her bikini and after having a quick play with those fabulous breasts, Naomi blindfolds him with her bikini! She works her way down to his already hard cock and takes his pants down, licking the tip of his dick. She sucks his shaft and teases his balls with her mouth and by this time the blindfold has come off! Wanting some pleasure for herself, Naomi climbs on top of his dick in reverse cowgirl so that her ass it shown to the camera and rides him. She jumps off after enjoying some deep penetration and sucks him some more, taking his dick from pussy to mouth. This naughty babe looks into the camera in POV and you can just imagine how filthy she would be sucking on your own cock! Bending over doggystyle, Naomi gets her pussy pounded some more before this horny pair indulge in some 69 action. Naomi whips out a vibrator and while being fucked some more, she rubs it against her clit for maximum stimulation! This makes her orgasm really hard which then provokes her guy into pulling out and shooting his load all over her chest and stomach!
Kate Harder HD SD Kate Kate is used to sucking dick on camera but her decision to go hardcore only came very recently. This is one of the first deep fucking videos she has ever done and it may be the best of her career all time!
Nessa Devil HD SD Nessa Devil We asked Nessa Devil why she sucks so much dick during an interview. Her answer was pretty surprising. As you can see, she loves to stay thin, and she told us she also has an oral fixation. So her best dieting secret is that she figured out, as long as she has a cock in her mouth her throat is too busy to be swallowing any calories. We pointed out that every guy she blows is going to want to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow it, and there are plenty of calories in cum, but as she answered - at least those calories taste good enough to be worth swallowing!
Vanessa Jordin HD SD Vanessa Jordin Vanessa Jordin can't wait to crawl across the bed for you and suck your cock. She's a college cheerleader in the Czech Republic so she has the stamina to go for hours. She loves the way a cock feels as it glides across her tongue and down her throat.
Wild Megi HD SD Megi We don't call her wild Megi for nothing! When it comes to Megi's shoots we let her tell us what she wants to do! In this scene we feature her playing with her tits and pussy in the bathtub. She gets herself off using the shower head and we have many close up shots of her cleaning and squirting out of her pussy.
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